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As users will be self quarantining, it makes the task of monitoring these individuals more easier and can identify immediately if any of them breaches their quarantine. A proper solution to manage individuals before and after quarantine of people will vastly assist in controlling the spread of diseases & pandemics and meTrack is just the right solution.

metrack admin features

The features listed below will deliver a better insight into the features that will be available for the administrators to mitigate outbreaks...


Track registered people

Authorities can track the registered users to ensure if they are in their respective quarantine zones. This monitoring can be done 24×7 at any instant of time and all the information displayed will be in real-time.


Generates real-time alerts

In the event of a user stepping out of their respective quarantine zone, immediate alerts will be generated to the healthcare or government authorities to take action and mitigate the risk of spreading the disease. An alert will also be generated to the user’s smartphone app also to notify the user.


Quantitative Statistics

Real-time statistics will be accessible to the authorities through an administrator dashboard provided. These statistics will be based on district, localities, no. of active users, no. of completed users and more. Customized statistics can be developed based on the user’s preferences.


Automatic updates after quarantine completion

After a user completes the designated number of days in quarantine, meTrack will notify both the authorities and users about the status. This will enable the authorities to approach the individual to verify and run tests to see if any symptoms exist which in turn helps reduce the cases.


Reports and Insights

meTrack uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) engines to accurately deliver powerful reports and insights like average time spent in quarantine by users, infection trends based on locations, rate of recovery of users and many more qualitative data to help governments have a foresight and plan their short term and long term strategies during an outbreak.


Two-way chat feature with users

A two-way chat feature lets the authorities have a more personalised communication with the users during their quarantine period. This can let authorities pass on any important updates, give instant online diagnosis in case of any sickness or take immediate action if the user is showing any disease symptoms and much more.


Surveys and questionnaires

In addition to the two-way chat feature, healthcare and government authorities can also conduct surveys or give questionnaires to users to get more information to assess various factors during the quarantine periods.

Minimize community spread of Covid-19

A complete real-time Location-Based Monitoring & Quarantine enforcement solution

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