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Self quarantine is the most effective and comfortable method for individuals to stay quarantined to maintain the safety and security of both the infected individuals and also keeping the disease from spreading to others. To make this happen, meTrack enables self quarantine multiple methods to make the users comfortable.

The following features will give a better understanding into the various functionalities that meTrack offers its users…


Works with band and without band

Users have the option to choose between two versions of the meTrack solution: They can opt for the ‘Smart band’ version, where users will be given a smart band to be worn which will be linked to their meTrack smartphone app till their quarantine is completed; or they can opt for the ‘No Smart Band’ version where users can register themselves at authorized meTrack solution provider centers, download the meTrack smartphone app and start their quarantine when they reach their desired quarantine location via the app.


Real-time chat with authorities and support feature

A real-time chat window feature lets quarantined individuals make conversation with their respective authorities or representatives on a regular basis to get updates or ask any questions within the duration of quarantine. In addition to this, 24×7 support will be available to ensure that all issues and queries regarding meTrack will be resolved in a swift manner.


Display current status

Users can update their current status anytime during quarantine for authorities to know if they are feeling alright or just to simply be informed. It can be like “Feeling a little feverish” , “Started a mild cough”, “No symptoms” or any kind of message in the status that lets authorities stay informed and updated.


Real-time alerts if quarantine is breached

In case, a user steps out of their self designated quarantine zones during their quarantine period, instant alerts will be sent to the user’s smartphone and also to that user’s healthcare or government authorities. This is made possible through geo-fencing technology used in the meTrack solution to correctly determine if a quarantined person leaves their zones “at any time in any instant”.


Selfie authentication for non-smart band users

Users opting for the ‘No smart band’ version of the meTrack solution can start their quarantine by reaching their desired quarantine location and just taking a selfie and uploading it into the meTrack smartphone app. When a user uploads their selfie, timestamp and location information of the picture will be used to determine the quarantine zone radius.


Quarantine Completion Alerts

After staying in quarantine for the designated duration of days prescribed by the healthcare and government authorities, the meTrack smartphone app will send an alert or notification to the users informing that their quarantine period is over. The administrators will also receive an alert which will help them contact the quarantined completed user to approach him/her, conduct tests and other procedures to be followed.

Minimize community spread of Covid-19

A complete real-time Location-Based Monitoring & Quarantine enforcement solution

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